PHROM’s first Member Organisation Networking Session and Website Launch

On Thursday 30th October 2014, the Platform of Human Rights Organisations in Malta (PHROM) held its first Member Organisation Networking Event and Website Launch. The event was called ‘What is PHROM’s role?’ and gathered all of the Member Organisations of PHROM, including interested organisation who would like to find out more about PHROM.

The aim of the event was divided between the website launch, getting to know PHROM and a networking session. Dr Roberta Lepre, the chairperson of PHROM, welcomed all guests and gave an introduction of PHROM, including its mission statement, structure and upcoming projects and events. This was followed by Dr Neil Falzon, who officially launched PHROM’s website: The attendees were guided through the website, which includes the members’ page, listing all of the current members of PHROM, which are:


Organisation Name Role Area(s)
Aditus Foundation Secretariat – Executive Member LGBTI, Migrants & Refugees
African Media Association Malta Member Organisation Migrants and Refugees
Amputees4Amputees Member Organisation Health, Disability
Deaf People Association Member Organisation Children, Culture, Elderly, Youth, Health, Disability
Din L-Art Ħelwa Executive Member Environment, Culture, Youth
Inspire Foundation Member Organisation Children, Youth, Health, Disability, Development, Labour
Integra Foundation Member Organisation Children, Gender, LGBTI, Migrants and Refugees, Youth, Poverty, Domestic Violence, Health, Disability, Development
Jesuit Refugee Service Malta Member Organisation Migrants and Refugees
Malta Gay Rights Movement Executive Member LGBTI
Malta Humanist Association Member Organisation Other
Organisation for Friendship in Diversity Member Organisation Children,  Migrants & Refugees, Youth
Richmond Foundation Executive Member Children, Poverty, Health
SOS Malta Member Organisation Children, Gender, Migrants & Refugees, Environment, Elderly, Youth, Poverty, Health, Development
Troupe 18:45 Member Organisation Culture
UpBeat Music House Member Organisation Migrants and Refugees
Victim Support Malta Executive Member Children, Gender, LGBTI, Elderly, Youth, Poverty, Domestic Violence, Health, Disability, Labour
We Are Member Organisation LGBTI, Youth
Why Not? Member Organisation Children, Migrants & Refugees, Environment, Culture, Youth, Health, Development

We were also proud to present one of our projects, il-Librerija. It is an online database of all published documentation relevant to human rights in Malta. It gathers various forms of documents, including primary and secondary legislation, NGO and institutional reports, and academic papers in a user-friendly fully searchable format. Every document is also given a number of keywords to facilitate search and classification. Member Organisations were encouraged to send in their publications to be added to our database.

The session continued with workshops whereby Member Organisations were divided and were asked to introduce their organisation and the human rights issue they deal with. It then continued to assessing their participation in PHROM and what they expect from this platform and what they can contribute.

Member Organisations of PHROM got a further in-depth understanding of what this platform is and what it means to be part of a national coalition of human rights organisations. All showed great enthusiasm to work with and be part of PHROM. Collaboration and cooperation were keywords, as all recognized through the platform they can overcome the limitations found in every NGO. Besides this, the Member Organisations also had the opportunity to meet the other Member Organisations and appreciated this chance to network.

The event was a big success and we received very positive comments from the Member Organisations, motivating us to keep on working and striving to ensure this platform achieves all that it is set out to do. All of the Member Organisations recognized the need for such a coalition in Malta and were very excited to be a part of it.

African Media Association Malta kindly translated this press release in Somali, to view it click here.


– Erika Borg, Secretariat Officer