On the 5th March PHROM held the first of three training sessions as part of STRINGS- ‘Strengthening Intersectionality among NGO Service-providers’. The main focus of this session was to consider where Malta currently stands in terms of human rights, and to consider how Member Organisations can formulate strategies which engage with laws, policy making and specifically, the proposed Human Rights and Equality Commission (HREC).

Our guest speaker was Silvan Agius, Director of Human Rights and Integration at the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties. Mr. Agius gave us some insight into the proposed HREC, as outlined in the draft Human Rights and Equality Commission Bill.

PHROM’s Head of Secretariat, Dr. Neil Falzon delivered a session outlining the human rights framework in Malta, along with practical advice about how Member Organisations can best tap in to the power of being a part of this strong, united voice. Dr. Falzon also outlined some very practical ideas of how we as civil society can best utilise Human Rights legislation.