Malta Human Rights Indicators Project will formulate measurable goals against which human rights performance – state, NGO and other – can be regularly measured. These indicators will allow Malta to establish SMART goals for policy and law-making, allowing for multi-annual assessment and comparability.

The indicators will be aligned with universally-accepted standards, transposed nationally through research and training activities and piloted in PHROM’s Annual Human Rights Reports.

The primary aim of the project is to develop the capacity of PHROM and its Member Organisations to formulate a series of Malta-specific human rights indicators and to apply these in their work. Since these indicators will be intersectional and based on in-depth assessments, they will also support discussions with the State, NGOs, academia, or other key stakeholders.

Needs Addressed

The primary need addressed by this project is the current lack of standardized and relevant indicators for development in the human rights field within Malta. At this point it is very challenging to measure Malta’s human rights status, as well as how it could be made more successful. This prevents human right defenders from having the greatest impact possible. It is hard to learn from your mistakes without measurable and comparable data.

By creating Human Right Indicators relevant to the local environment, PHROM will be creating a way for Malta to be even more effective in its human right work on a mass scale, thus drastically influencing people’s lives through the access to, or protection of, their rights.

The indicators will also be central for Government policy- and law-making, and for resource allocation, since they will provide research-based baseline and comparative data.