Dialogue, consultation and cooperation between Government and civil society is central to a healthy democracy. A respectful consultation process necessarily demands careful consideration, real participation and genuine, meaningful dialogue in order to ensure trust and transparency.

The proposed IVF Bill is as complex as it is important, the outcome of the consultation process, and the impact of the new bill will affect the lives of many people. As such, the proposed bill demands our complete and full attention.

Integra reminds the Government that a genuine and meaningful consultation demands time to absorb new information, time for research, and time for reflection. Setting unrealistic deadlines in an effort to fast track the process suggests a lack of respect for the consultation process, and more importantly, a lack of respect towards those people who will be directly affected by the new bill.

We ask the Government to extend the consultation period so that the issue might receive the attention and consideration it deserves.

Details for Media

Name: Dr. Maria Pisani
Email: integrafoundation@gmail.com
Website: http://www.humanrightsplatform.org.mt/members-item/integra-foundation/

This event is published through the Advocacy Assistant of the Platform of Human Rights Organisations in Malta