What does it mean to be a Member Organisation of PHROM?

Being part of PHROM shows your commitment to ensuring human rights protection in Malta and more particularly your field of work. As you know human rights issues play an important role in many different aspects of our life and therefore this is why a platform which unites all the different human rights NGOs, makes sure to strengthen the overall human rights position and, adds weight to our lobbying efforts is valuable.


  1. PHROM’s mission shall be to provide a national forum for human rights organisations in Malta to develop, promote and advocate for the values of human dignity and equality more effectively.
  2. PHROM is grounded in the values cited in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. PHROM believes that effective human rights recognition and enjoyment by all persons in Malta strengthens and empowers the whole of Maltese society. PHROM holds that the multitude of human rights can only be fully realised if they are endorsed as interrelated and interdependent, embracing all civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.
  3. PHROM understands that active citizenship and civic participation based on democratic principles of inclusivity and mutual understanding are central to national, regional and international efforts at combating inequalities and human rights violations and improving community empowerment.

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